About Us

GetGuidance is a free tool to help you make informed decisions, saving you time and money.

From health and lifestyle to trivia and finance, we will help you learn how you compare to others, via our expanding research base. We commit to growing our research base and remaining independent.
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Why has GetGuidance
been set up?

We want to help people make better decisions.

Misinformation makes it hard to get informed and hard to stay up to date. Information overload encourages inaction. GetGuidance addresses this: our calculators and tools are straight forward, interactive, unbiased, reliable and relevant, giving people the information they need to make decisions, and to make better decisions with confidence.

What does GetGuidance

  • Free online guidance
  • Calculators with clear and concise answers to questions that matter to you
  • Helpful information covering career, health, finance and more
  • A forum where you can share tips and useful information with others.

Why now?

We believe a free platform like GetGuidance.com has become possible, as we rely on recent trends and developments:
  • the rise of social networking and internet based collaboration, co-creation and sharing
  • increased availability and unprecedented access to academic research and survey data, and
  • the new low-cost IT development opportunities (cloud hosting, development off-shoring)
Platforms have been created in the past, but never where the solution is free, has no advertising and is offering unbiased guidance. We can because we are taking advantage of these developments.

Who is behind the

GetGuidance is driven by a passionate team of professionals with extensive skills in financial services, information technology and design. We share a vision and see the need for better decision making in an engaging way.

Are we independent?

The content on this site is not sponsored. We offer independent and impartial guidance.
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How can we help you?
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